How to use the CIBY webcam

You gain control of the CIBY webcam by clicking on the large white button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. The center of the square and the timer bar immediately above will turn blue indicating you have control. You have at least 3 minutes to control the webcam. If someone else already has control, you go into a queue and view the image while they direct the camera. The timer bar counts down the time you have to wait. After your time is up, you retain control unless someone else enters the queue.

Move camera – Click anywhere in the image and the camera will center on that position.
Zoom -Use the vertical bar on the far right
Pan side to side -Use the blue dot in the horizontal bar beneath the image
Tilt up & down -Use the vertical bar beside the image
Adjust brightness -Use the box above the timer

We have set up several preset views that may be of interest on the pull down menu bar.The Canon VB-C60 is mounted on the southeast corner of the building that houses The Niblic. The picture you see is a real time, live image. The camera can view from the East End Point on Chebeague Island almost to the lighthouse on Halfway Rock. Within the field of vision you will be able to recognize French Island, Upper and Lower Goose Islands, The Goslings, Big and Little Whaleboat Islands, Goose Nest Ledge, Harpswell Neck, Stockman Island, Bangs Island, Stave Island, Bates Island, the Mink Rocks, Brown Cow, and of course Crow Island right off the boat yard.

The camera is very fast (30 frames per second) and with a good internet connection you should be able to see near motion picture quality images. However, the connection is completely dependent on your internet speed. The slower your connection, the slower the frame rate and the slower the response from the pan-tilt-zoom controls. Be patient and allow your computer to catch up with the camera.

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